The deadly Ilheus virus has killed more than a billion people and left the world in utter chaos. You team has been tasked with creating and releasing the antidote. Normally teams have months to develop antidotes, but the infected are right behind you. Escape the room before they breach the walls. You team will have to find clues, solve puzzles to create the antidote and ultimately save humanity.

You have 1 hour to save the world. Remember, things may not always be as they seem.

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Magento's circus toured all over the world with great fanfare. Their most popular act was Boris, a clown, he sold out tickets everywhere and people travelled from all over to see him. Happy on the outside and sad on the inside, Boris finally went insane and killed off the other acts. Boris lures guests into the circus, traps them and toys with them. When he’s in a playful mood he gives guests a chance to escape if they can solve his game. Your team is one of the lucky unlucky ones, use your time well!

Look around, explore the room, don’t waste time and get out before Boris gets tired of playing around.

You have 1 hour to escape or become Boris’s latest victims.

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A team of archeologists have discovered the biggest Egyptian pharaoh's tomb to date, filled with gold, jewels and priceless antiquities the world is eager to see the artifacts in all their glory. There's just one problem, team member have started disappearing and dying in mysterious ways. Your team is tasked with assisting the archeologists and ensuring that the artifacts are moved safely.

Once there you realize that you have awoken the ancient pharaoh Tau's spirit. Known for being merciless in his conquests and bringing death to those around him, he is after your team. You have an hour to escape before his spirit takes human form. Hurry, use the clues the ancient builders left behind and seal him in his tomb forever.

Can you make it out before you disappear like those before you?

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